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I’m so excited to reveal my first baking book, “Sweet Bake Shop: Delightful Desserts for the Sweetest of Occasions”, which is now available for purchase!
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Cakes, Frostings & Fillings, Holidays, Recipes & Tutorials / 07.10.2018

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of my fellow Canadians and happy regular old Sunday to everyone else! If you're up super early like I am, you probably look forward to a cup of coffee or two (or 5?), to help make you feel like a human being. I personally am I big fan of lattes and every year, I look forward to the pumpkin spice version and while sipping on one the other day it dawned on me: I need to make this into a cake! 
Cookies, Holidays / 20.12.2015

Hello from inside a cloud of icing sugar! It's been crazy over at my house lately and I almost always have cookie icing (or some other sugary substance) in my hair or on my clothes these days. I've been known to leave trails of flour from the kitchen to the pantry or living room and often, something even ends up on the dog if he's hovering by my feet while ingredients are flying. It happens! As stressful as the holidays can be, I always find that being in the kitchen...

Cookies, Holidays, Recipes & Tutorials, Royal Icing / 08.12.2015

Hello and happy December! I'm so excited that it's FINALLY sugar cookie season! I'm in the kitchen constantly and of course, I make sugar cookies all year round, but it's only at this time of year that I can make them in festive shapes without people looking at me like I'm living in some sort of weird Christmas bubble. So bring on the trees, reindeer, snowmen and everything in between...

Holidays / 21.11.2015

Gift-giving season is just around the corner and every holiday season, I get asked the question "What should I get my girlfriend/wife/mom/friend who loves to bake?". The short answer is that it really depends. How much do you want to spend? What do they already own? Where should you shop? So many questions! This year, I've decided to put together a list of things that I personally would love to receive as gifts or in my stocking. Some are items that I'll have available in my online shop (coming...

Cupcakes, Frostings & Fillings, Holidays, Recipes & Tutorials, Videos / 28.10.2015

This is the recipe for my red velvet cupcakes. They were a best-seller in my shop, and the wonderful thing about them is that they're pretty simple to make! After filming the video below, I discovered that baking the cupcakes at 325°F instead of 350°F made for a better cupcake, so be sure to set your oven at the lower temperature....