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I’m so excited to reveal my first baking book, “Sweet Bake Shop: Delightful Desserts for the Sweetest of Occasions”, which is now available for purchase!
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A Sweet Celebration! My 30th Birthday, Sweet Workshops + A Sweet Bake Shop Book Announcement!

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(Photo credit: Erin Sousa, Sparkle Media)

Hello from inside a flurry of confetti, sprinkles and cake crumbs!

A lot has been going on over here lately and I sometimes find it really difficult to make time to sit down and write. A few things have happened since my last post. I turned 30, which feels no different than being 29, to be honest, except that occasionally when I tell people that I’m 30, they either feel the need to tell me that I don’t look 30 or ask me if I’ve started thinking about botox – LOL. That aside, I’ve welcomed this new decade with open arms and am sure it will be full of lessons and hopefully, some wonderful dessert adventures!

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Additionally, I just set a date for my first sweet workshop! The first class, Cookie Decorating + Royal Icing 101, is scheduled for mid-April (update: sold out) and I can’t wait! Workshops are something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, but I could never quite make enough time. I will be adding more classes as my schedule allows it and hope to be able to offer even more as the year goes on. I’ll be sure to post pictures from the workshop here on the blog!

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Now, onto the big news…

Two years ago today, I signed a lease for my bakery space and since then, life has been an absolute whirlwind. Building, opening and running a bakery was the most intense, sleepless time of my life (lots more on that over in this past post) but it was also a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t take back, ever. Last August, I closed the doors to my bakery, which left people asking why. Running a business is tough work. Running a new business that you love with all of your heart is really tough work – both mentally and physically. The long hours, little sleep and insane stress are tough things to get used to. But, like a parent, you love your little baby so much and will do anything you can to make it happy. Now, I won’t get into all of the details all over again, you can find the behind-the-scenes scoop on new business life in this post, but basically what I’m saying is that a new business consumes your life, leaving very little, if any, time for other projects. And while my storefront shop is now closed, that doesn’t mean that I’ll never open another one! The time I now have has allowed me to work on something really exciting. I have been dying to share details on this for so long, and finally, I can! So here it goes:

I’m writing a baking book!!! YAY!!!

I know that I’ve mentioned it casually before, but this is the official, detailed announcement! In true Sweet Bake Shop style, it will be a very feminine, sweet book, full of my absolute favourite, never-shared recipes that I’ve created over the years, plus a whole bunch of new ones! Lots of tips and tricks, lots of beautiful photos and so much more!

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The details…

I signed with the publisher Penguin Random House, and it’s kind of a funny story how that came to be. I’d been dreaming about writing a baking book for a really long time – I even had a folder of typed-out recipes sitting on my desk at home, but had no idea how to take the next step. In 2014, I opened my bakery and became really busy, so that dream ended up getting shelved completely. But then last year, I was getting off a flight on one of my days off and, as we all do, turned my phone back on to check messages. All of a sudden, an email popped into my inbox from my now-editor at PRH. She wanted to know if she could connect with my agent regarding a book and I swear, my heart stopped beating while I read.


(Photo credit: Tracey Ayton Photography)

I have to admit, I was incredibly excited and very flattered, but I didn’t know much about the who’s-who in the publishing world. After doing some research, I knew that PRH was a reputable publishing company and that I wanted to work with them. I was pointed in the direction of a few agents (they’re so helpful with things like negotiating contracts and all of those less-than-fun and incredibly confusing things) in New York and signed on with my now-agent Sharon Bowers, who is, I swear, part agent but also part therapist 😉 Together, we worked on a proposal, which is basically a mini mock-up of what you as an author-to-be hope your book will contain and look like, sent it off to Penguin Random House (it’s all very official, this book business) and I was signed shortly after!


(Photo credit: Tracey Ayton Photography)

As for a publishing date, we haven’t set one yet. We’re aiming for early 2018, which seems like an eternity away (the publishing world is a slow one) but it will whip by in no time, and before you know it, you’ll find my book on a shelf in a book store near you – yay!

Thank you, friends, for coming along on this crazy ride with me! I can’t wait to create a book that’s full of the Sweet Bake Shop things we love!

Tessa xo

  • Christiane
    Posted at 12:43h, 23 March Reply

    This is fantastic news
    I’ve been a fan of your work for a while now and I can’t wait to preorder your book. YAY!!

  • Marjorie
    Posted at 13:29h, 23 March Reply

    Congratulation !!! We can buy it in France ? … Ooooh 2018 it’s so long !!! I wait the white cupcake recipe !! I can’t wait anymore !!!

  • Renee
    Posted at 16:09h, 23 March Reply

    2018 seems forever away but please let us know as soon as it is available for preorder on Amazon! 🙂 also hoping you take your workshops international… Or at least online. 🙂 let us Europeans have a chance too 😉

  • Elizabeth @awesternerlivinginnewengland.wordpress.com
    Posted at 10:25h, 15 May Reply

    I can’t wait to buy your book!! Hard copy for me for sure!! Congratulations by the way. And I agree with everyone here… 2018 seems so far away. It will be such a privilege to get it since I’ve been following you through my personal Instagram account since before you opened your brick and mortar shop in Vancouver and have been wanting to stop by someday. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t do it before you closed your doors. Now I’m super excited for your book to come out, and now that I started my own blog I’m definitely gonna write about it! Take tons of pics and hope I make you proud of how my baking skills turned out with your recipes Lol. You can find me on Instagram under @livinginnewengland

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