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I’m so excited to reveal my first baking book, “Sweet Bake Shop: Delightful Desserts for the Sweetest of Occasions”, which is now available for purchase!
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Marshmallow, Other Sweets, Recipes & Tutorials / 17.06.2017

I can't tell you the last time that I sat around a campfire as an adult - it's been way too long!! As a child, I used to love going camping and my favourite part of each trip was sitting by the fire in the evening (after a day of swimming in the lake), making and eating s'mores. We did it the only way we knew how - toasting marshmallows on sticks until golden brown, then sandwiching them between two graham crackers, with a piece of milk chocolate stuffed...

Cookies, Ice Cream, Other Sweets, Recipes & Tutorials, Videos / 07.07.2016

Hello from under a pile of scrawled recipe notes! I've been trying to keep up with regular blogging, but have been having such a tough time balancing, well, everything as of late. Between recipe writing and testing for my upcoming baking book, a whole lot of wedding clients and my less-than-smooth-sailing personal life (I'm recently single), things have been a little bit hectic....

Marshmallow, Other Sweets, Recipes & Tutorials / 11.12.2015

As a baker and lover of all things dessert, it's not often that I find something sweet that I don't really enjoy. So I have a confession to make: up until recently, I wasn't really a fan of marshmallows. I know. There is a story here and I'll spare you all of the gritty details, but the short of it is that when I was a kid, I loved them and ate way too many on a camping trip and got really sick. For the last two decades,...

Holidays, Meringues, Other Sweets, Recipes & Tutorials, Videos / 02.11.2015

Hello! Happy November! This is my absolute favourite time of year, because now that Halloween is over, the Christmas things are allowed to slowly begin making an appearance. And by slowly, I mean I've already started decorating - haha! In case you didn't know, I love Christmas and I am crazy about it. For example, last night I roped my boyfriend into dragging out and beginning to set up our Christmas tree...

Meringues, Other Sweets, Recipes & Tutorials, Videos / 05.08.2015

A Sweet Bake Shop x KitchenAid Collaboration! A super easy, quick & delicious meringue recipe. (Adapted from Martha Stewart) This recipe was made in a 6-Quart Mixer. If making in a 5-Quart Mixer, it is best to cut this recipe in half for optimum results. The baking time remains the same. Video produced by Sparkle Media's Erin Sousa. Hair/Makeup by Suzanna of Tori Blush Co. © Copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved....